Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Response to the Arrest of Jack Ferm

I had intended this Blog to be a focal point of essays exposing the Banks and the Fraud and Abuses they wrought on an unsuspecting public. However, as recent events dictate, it is now appropriate to expose more of the corruption in Nevada politics and to clear my name.

The Attorney General of Nevada, Catherine Cortez Masto in combination with Colleen McCarty of Channel 8, the CBS affiliate in Las Vegas Nevada; at the direction of CIA Stringers on CBS’s Board of Directors, namely George Bush Sr., former President and a CIA operative since 1960 and the head of the CIA from 1976-77, along with Frank Carlucci, a CIA hit man, and the Carlyle Group. Each player is a government insider and has used the Attorney General, the Media and the Internet in an attempt to destroy my credibility, and what was a spotless reputation, because I dared to help these people take on the Banks.

The Nevada State Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto and Colleen McCarty of CBS have made a public attempt to destroy my reputation, and I would suggest the reader keep an open mind and ask themselves why?

Colleen McCarty (CBS) led a Television Campaign under the guise of reporting the news to discredit me and the Foundation “KNOWING” that her comments were, to be kind, less than accurate and definitely slanted to the point where they were false. I gave her an hour and a half interview with documents supporting the truth, not one element was reported.

Channel 13, on the other hand, did expose one of the parties claiming we (The Foundation) had made certain representations to have lied for her 15 minutes of fame.

Colleen McCarty’s comments were a constant hammering of the same events repeatedly, distorting the truth and intended to generate in the mind of the viewer and even some of our clients that we were a fraud and that they had been taken. Ms. McCarty used a trick that the Government calls promoting its ideas through propaganda. Propaganda is a constant slant of a single issue until the observer believes the statement to be true. The George Bush Jr. Administration used this along with CBS to make us believe that a war with Iraq was a necessity as they had Weapons of Mass Destruction. In fact, the Administration and CBS knew otherwise because of their relation with their CIA board members. In fact, CBS fired one of its commentators, General John Batiste, because he dared to comment against CBS’s policy of beating the war drum.

The Facts:
The US Justice Foundation, which I was the Executive Director, had filed between 400 and 500 Civil Complaints with the State Court for clients under the Unfair Lending Practices Act NRS 598D.100. We had in the offices at the Foundation (3) full time attorneys to help these people, and to over-see what we did. THEY prepared all of the pleading templates we used for our clients. We were receiving more than 200 calls a day from borrowers seeking our help who were facing foreclosure. Having so many urgent cases and calls, there were times where a case slipped through the cracks; when this occurred we refunded the client the money they paid us, as such we refunded some $22,000 from August 2008 to January 1, 2009, and from January 1, 2009 to Feb 2009 another $58,000. That was when the Foundation collapsed. This run on the bank was due to an interview over FOX by an attorney with whom I had a run-in back in the 1990’s, named Bob Massi. Refunds are still being paid out where a client or case warrants and amounts to over $90,000 so far.

The Attorney General’s Office began an investigation sometime in January of 2009; at which time, they began contacting our clients from a list provided from our court filings. They were seeking information about whether our clients had received value for their payment to the Foundation. As our clients said they were, that investigation soon ended and took a different turn.

Keep in mind that the Attorney General KNEW that we had filed these cases and had attorneys working at the Foundation with offices at the Foundation.

My arrest, by what is called “an information,” is an Affidavit of an investigating agent that alleges that we took money from clients without the intent to perform the work! I am still at a loss as to how the Attorney General came up with this felony charge, knowing that we had filed between 400 and 500 lawsuits. One point is that a client named Maria Lampton Lied to the Attorney General, or was suborned by the Attorney General Investigator to lie. Maria Lampton didn’t even know who she was. She used the name Maria Muller when we opened her file. She had been provided all of the pleadings we agreed to do for her, then lied to the Attorney General and complained that we neither did the work nor refunded the money. If the Attorney General does not prosecute this individual, I have every intention to go after her in a civil litigation.

There was a three-way conspiracy between Colleen McCarty, (CBS) the AG and Judge Katherine Delaney to set me up for an arrest with maximum media exposure. Its purpose was to send a message to everyone “DO NOT TAKE ON THE BANKS.” In fact, it was reported to me that three men were in the back of the courtroom during my arrest and made this comment:
“That will teach him to come after us”

I was placed on a Bail Bond of $100,000, when a child molester around the same time had a Bond of $50,000. I made bail much to their displeasure.

Nevada Dirty Politics:
What they want in Nevada is an event free foreclosure and an orderly eviction of the homeowners. We hindered this process and that is the real reason for the vicious manner in which they have stopped us from attempting to help these people and made every attempt to discredit me. In addition, the Attorney General has set out a News Release tied on the Internet to my name in an attempt to further discredit me and to prevent me from helping these people in any way.

Who has been harmed?
The people of Nevada have been harmed by the irresponsible actions of both Colleen McCarty and the Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto, as I had aligned myself with a public company to acquire properties out of foreclosure for our clients, to keep them from going through an eviction. This, although well known by all, has been kept very quiet as they attempt to make me out to be public enemy number one. The public company has now abandoned the project because of the circus that went on in Las Vegas. So the real losers are the people facing foreclosure in Nevada.