Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Real Number of Unemployed Americans Nationally is More Than 15% and Growing.

The official US National Jobless Rate, is 8.5%, but excludes millions of people -- who have given up finding work and those forced into fewer hours to help keep others working part time. In some parts of the country like Nevada the rate is closer to 17% while parts of California experience unemployment closer to 30%, still others like South Carolina, and parts of New Jersey and Michigan see some 20% unemployment and Oregon with 25%. These figures are transitory and change from day to day and week to week, but the change does not favor finding work. The employment market seems to be in a downward spiral, seeking a bottomless bottom.

New business is hesitant to open facilities in a downward market with rightful concerns about their own survival. Then how do we begin to move the country forward? In order to employ people, we need consumers to spend money, this creates jobs, but consumers are hesitant, fearing for their own survival and concerned about paying their existing bills.

What the Government can do to stimulate jobs?

The Federal Government can use the SBA (Small Business Administration) to create jobs by loaning money to otherwise qualified individuals or businesses to open or expand business and to hire and staff those facilities, the Federal Government can provide tax incentives and labor reimbursement subsidies, while the SBA can loan the money with a moratorium on repayment until the economy begins to recover.

This is common sense, yet the Administration fails to see this option. Why? Because its focus is on the Banks, and saving them from collapse in order that they can continue the same old programs that have failed throughout banking history. It appears that Bankers have a form of insanity which runs throughout the System. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome is by its very nature the definition of insanity.

The Banking system because of its ability to control the Nation and the people, and its mindset as a corrupt institution “MUST” be taken over by the Government and operated as an agency of the Federal Government. There is no other option to salvage our Democracy. Private banking has failed from its initial creation centuries ago, and no longer has any right or claim to serve our interest. The Constitution provides that Congress has the control over our money, but it unlawfully gave it away in 1913. It’s time for Congress, an establishment whose members make up about 1/3 convicted felons to clean up its own act.