Saturday, July 18, 2009

Health Care, the War of Attrition

Real Health Care in the United States first attempted in1902 by Theodore Roosevelt remains today as aloof as ever.

The issue of Health Care, now in its 107th year of debate has become a war of attrition, a wearing down of the opposition until they finally “if ever” understand that Money is not the true god of man. Only then may we finally obtain, both for ourselves, our posterity and all of humanity, what is a natural and fundamental right of birth, an entitlement as human beings, to universal health care. Real universal health care that includes alternative therapies, frowned upon by the establishment elite.

The powerful corporate interests, motivated by the bottom line, control our government, they have pitted the Natural right of American citizens to a free, open, and affordable health system, against the monopolies of the health care industry, the Hospital, Insurance, Medical (AMA) and their allies, the Banking cartels.

Our interests are not related to Profits nor motivated by a bottom line. Our interests are the initiatives related to the right to access medical care free of the fear of bankruptcy, a natural right consistent with birth.

Most civilized nations today have some form of National Health Care, these include; but are not exclusively listed, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Mexico, Peru, China, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Australia, Cuba, Japan and New Zealand the list is endless.

Strikingly absent from this list is the United States, The United States is the only wealthy, industrialized nation that does not have a universal health care system.

The Primary reason for this failure: our elected officials are so easily bribed by any industry that will donate to their campaign finances. This legal form of Bribery is called lobbying. Bribery allowed by legislators who set their own standard, which by any definition, is very low.

As is often said, we in the United States have the best government money can buy! And I would add, often very cheaply.

The revolution of 1775 was fought over a long line of abuses consisting of, inter alia (i) Taxation without representation and (ii) The issue of Currency control.

These abuses, over which a revolution was fought and won, have once again returned. We have no representation, indeed in any office of government. Corruption, having again become inbred in our system, our representation at best an illusion, overrun by the dictates of the moneyed monopoly, the masters of congress.

The Banking interests who pay their servants control our destiny! And we are taxed for their benefit, both in our finance and in our blood.

How can a people who have struggled long years under oppression throw off their oppressors and again re-establish a free society?

The problems though immense, the solution is simple, it lies in the education and enlightenment of our people, and the re-emergence of a spirit that will once again serve as a cornerstone for independence and self-government, a foundation free of corporate control over our destiny. To this end is required a free and open media, unrestrained of government interference and control.