Friday, September 4, 2009

An American Perspective

American Politics Is A System Underscored By Defaults:

Sadly, in American politics, parties and their torch pass by default, incompetent administrations that linger too long in office, set the stage for political backlash.

From Richard Nixon, the Republicans’ gain to office was because of the warring Johnson Administration, as Americans tired of a war that we were losing and which seemed to never end. To Jimmy Carter, the peanut farmer, who gained office not because he had a plan for the direction of this country, but because of the backlash against the corruption of the Nixon Administration!

Ronald Reagan was an actor who played the role of President, both on and off the screen, was a popular candidate, not for his historical achievements, but because of his recognition as an actor. He was undoubtedly popular, but was one of the worst politicians of this century, taking this country in the wrong direction, and the beginning of our decline as a nation. It was under Reagan that American businesses began to outsource employment. Some 2200 businesses were provided government grants to relocate to Mexico. Reagan easily won office as a backlash against Carter, a one-term President, who had no direction for this country.

To Bill Clinton because Bush 1, had lost the confidence of the nation, and as he had lost touch with the American people, serving only one term, a backlash required change. Bush 2, by deception, and the allegations that surfaced afterward of rigged elections, and swift boating. Finally to Obama because of the corruption of the Bush 2 Administration, a backlash against the Republican party as a whole, due primarily to corruption both within the White House and Congress.

The current administration, in sum and substance, is afraid to act on its own and for the people that elected it, is being controlled by the Republican minority. A party disenfranchised by its own members, who elected the opposition because the American people demanded change. Change that was promised, but change, because of the fear this party has to offend any corporate contributor, we will never see.

Money is the root of the problem, it is the lifeblood of a politician, and is underscored by those who require favours and for those favors are willing to pay.

For this reason, no “real” legislation to aid the American People is anticipated, during the Obama term, and the Republicans may yet return in 2011, due primarily to the incompetence of the Democrats, garnered more by fear than direction.