Friday, October 2, 2009

The Ism of Destruction

This series of essays relates to Capitalism, and how it has been a tool to promote the demise of Democracy. The theory is that Private Capitalism does not work within a system designed to promote the ends of justice, because Private Capitalization as the reader of these essays will discern, promotes injustice and a transition to an ulterior form of governance.

Volume 1 ~ An Introduction:

“Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There was never a democracy that did not commit suicide.”
— John Adams (Vice President under George Washington and Second President of the United States )

The reader and observer of democracy will feel sadness and despair at its passing, but the irony is, that it could not have been prevented.

America, as a nation, has passed that defining moment in its history and from where generations yet to come may question, how the greatest experiment of antiquity failed. The framers of our government, they will find, could not protect against the insentient appetite of capital greed.

America is truly the last republic, but it had a run of just over 200 years, while Rome the model of our government had over 450. The similarities leading each to its collapse are astounding:
(1) The Roman Republic was governed by a complex constitution, which centered on the principles of a separation of powers and checks and balances.
(2) The evolution of the constitution was heavily influenced by the struggle between the aristocracy, or the patricians, and other talented Romans who were not from famous families, the plebeians.
(3) Early in its history, the republic was controlled by an aristocracy of individuals who could trace their ancestry back to the early history of the kingdom. Over time, the laws that allowed these individuals to dominate the government were repealed, and the result was the emergence of a new aristocracy which depended on the structure of society, rather than the law, to maintain its dominance.
(4) Thus, only a revolution could overthrow this new aristocracy.
(5) The Republic collapsed under the weight of corruption.

The similarities are striking, what we have lost, in America, can not be measured in wealth as it transcends political and economic virtues and platitudes, expelling with it the interest of a “myth”, the immutable facade called liberty. We have lost that one defining character by which we, as a people, have been defined, our interests in Liberty and the principle of self government has been but a grand illusion. We have come to learn that the capitalists are the banks that control even the government of the United States and because of this control our form of governance had to be transitioned.

It was John Adams that said “Freedom can never be restored. Liberty , once lost, is lost forever.” Yet in America , we shared not liberty but its illusion, fashioned from the evolvement of the European banking interests, and called capitalism. Yet by any other name, capitalism is still fascism, because fascism is the ultimate evolution of capitalism.

Remarkably, we as a people have allowed our nation to embark on that path, that subway from which there is no exit, and from where there is no return! There is no light at the end, only more darkness, a darkness that has enshrined us. It is as our wealth has been manipulated by that shadow, which now stands fading in the light that has caused us to reminisce. Too late we stand in the doorway of ourselves and look frenetically into that blackness.

We as both a people and a nation have lost that which we were, that for which we were intended, a greatness above all, and a shining example to humanity. It was not through innocence, but insolence of a false sense of knowledge that we were deceived. We believed in a system that advanced its own interests above ours, and by whose very virtues, and vanity we have been enslaved, that system known and devised to all as capitalism, the means to provide sustenance for labor took as it always intended, and dishonored us. It now transcends the human experience by altering our form of governance.

What is capitalism, but control of a specific commodity or market, and the means by which to control that commodity and to create that market, but eviscerated through the control of government, our government.

The theory, Capitalism, is nothing more than that by which those at the top multiply their wealth, at the expense of labor. Yet there are no Criteria by which capital is to multiply and as that is true, there are instances where capital has multiplied through illegal and corrupt practices, and continues there today.

Capital is more so advanced through corruption, than by any other means, through deception, bribes, and illegal acts, through protective legislation, and wars, capitalism then, as it survives through these channels is a false theory of economic enterprise, corrupting governments as it corrupts individuals who serve at their will.

The Enslavement of Mankind

Capitalist have made their wealth from the suffering of humanity. The early capitalists: The English Corporation instrumental in populating the New World was the “Royal African Company”. Chartered in 1672, this company proceeded to take a significant part in the slave trade. For the profit of “shareholders”, it brought to the western hemisphere masses of men and women who had been taken from Africa against their will. Eventually, many thousands of white merchants and seamen on both sides of the Atlantic participated in this unjust commerce, including several hundred from Massachusetts and Rhode Island and very prominent American families. The total number of Africans transported to the New World was about 10 million. Their destination was usually Brazil or one of the Caribbean sugar islands, but some 596,000, or about one of every 17, went to areas that became part of the United States .

The advent of capitalism and its values represented a “reversal of a millennial moral consensus” Capitalism has superseded democracy, encouraged corruption and greed, and failed our nation.

The failure of our government is the outgrowth of a system prone to self-destruct.