Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why the surge in Afghanistan ? Conclusion

Conclusion of this 6 Part series

War during the Bush administration was inevitable, even as Clinton had alienated all prospects of resolving issues with Bin Laden, Bush would take advantage of the mid east anger, which they held, more rightfully then wrong, over their perception of American imperialism.

Money and Oil, coupled with the mind set of the elitist, and the teachings of a man whose political insight was damaged, Leo Strauss, and his followers so firmly implanted in the Bush administration, set the stage to influence every corner of the Bush mania.

They created the mix and the primary ingredient, the excuse to attack some country in the mid east. Iraq had always been the country of choice, but the Unocal Oil Pipe line, became the first priority. Just as quickly as we went into Afghanistan we made an about face and went into Iraq . We stopped looking for Bin Laden because our intelligence knew he had died on December 16, 2001, but he was still of use even in his death.

In Afghanistan there was need of a scapegoat, why not Bin Laden? As plans for war were already on the table, and this was long before Bush assumed office.

Bin Laden could also be used, even knowing he was already dead, as a fear card to attack Iraq . After all as the media so eloquently disclosed, he was behind the attacks on our troops.

Contrary to media and Bush administration propaganda, our research failed to uncover any real evidence that Bin Laden admitted to the 9-11 attacks against the WTC. In fact some of the evidence was incredible, and not in a positive way.

Even as the passport of TWO 9-11 hijackers were found in the rubble intact. Intact while the rubble had been reduced to fine particulates of sand, unbelievable, yet so many of us fell into this intelligence void.

It’s as if the Passports belonging to the alleged hijackers, Satam al-Sugami, and Mohamed Atta were each placed, then found, on the street minutes after the planes they were aboard crashed into the World Trade Center towers. If in fact they were even aboard those planes. Passports could not have survived those crashes and the resultant fires.

The fireballs created by the WTC attacks melted structural steel that was designed to withstand heat of 2000 degrees F. They completely destroyed both airplanes and their cockpit voice-recorders (situated at front)*and* the black-box data recorders (located in the rear of the aircrafts). They vaporized human bone and flesh.

And yet those same fireballs somehow weren't strong enough to do anything to a pair of surviving passports found in pristine condition. No surface scratches, scuffs, abrasions or burns.

So consider, are we fools for not asking the right questions?

The media however in their frenzy to support the administration, gave up their right and entitlement, to investigate and report, instead read prepared scripts provided by the administration officials, just as they continue to this day. Never once did anyone from the media question the allegations that were used to support the war with Iraq . Let alone questioning the tapes where Bin Laden allegedly admitted his complicity in the planning and implementation of the WTC attack.

What Bush needed however, aside of an excuse, was a force to bring the nation together, that force was the Fundamental Christian Right, who fell right into the trap. Hitler used this same Christian following to support his political agenda along with his rise to power.

The republicans used religion and the tactic of fear to generate the fervor for war. No one questioned anything, the people fell right in line, and if you didn’t, there was the ongoing threat, supported by the patriot act! you are either with us or against us!

Wars are political devices that use religion to draw a nation together. This was personified during the 2000 to 2008 term of George W. Bush, and long before by Leo Strauss. Of the few books Bush is said to have read, one in particular was written by Strauss.

George W. Bush is the perfect example of a leader that used religion and deception to garner support for war, the neoconservative extreme right wing of the Fundamentalist Christian movement marshaled and motivated their own people to support the mid east war machine, then took control over the military, and combined patriotism, moral servitude, and the military to launch one of the greatest travesties of American history and with it a complete disenfranchisement of a people.

Obama will follow in the footsteps of Bush, he is after all the newly elected puppet, and we by now know who pulls those strings. His administration is a through over of the last. War will continue, until we as a people say stop, we have had enough. Until we refuse to accept the deception of those who seek to control us, and to place us in harms way. Until we learn to ask the right questions, and after we have received those answers, to seek the truth.

We in good conscience and in the name of the various gods we affirm have no right to take over governments, to marshal support for regime change, to put puppets in office to do our bidding, this is imperialism, and, we have become imperialists!