Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mitt Romney: A Poster Child of Inaccuracy

In the last presidential race Mitt Romney was forced to drop out over his false claims and unjustified attacks, now attempting to set himself in motion for another bid, his false sense of memory is playing havoc with his image. Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney declared, last week, at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Democrats the party of "No!" — no to balanced budgets, limits on lawsuits, tax cuts and tough interrogations of terror suspects.

Romney's assertions lacked context at best and at worst were flat-out false, a stronger comment is being withheld. While Romney and his fellow Republicans were filling the air with fabrications liberal Democratic activists were torturing the true facts online.

Why do we have to expect politicians and their allies to fudge facts?

Even President Obama embellishes the number of jobs created by last year's stimulus bill.

Such distortion and dishonesty cause Americans to be increasingly skeptical of, and even cynical about their political institutions and leaders. Once people lose faith in the political system, they're less likely to vote, less willing to pay taxes to support government-run programs, less motivated to run for office themselves and — sociologists say — they're even less likely to get involved in their own communities.

Romney was deceitful about almost every claim (i) Democrats are opposed to tax cuts. Obama’s stimulus bill included $288 billion in tax benefits, (ii) Democrats are against balanced budgets, A Democratic president, Bill Clinton, oversaw surpluses and the nation's debt skyrocketed under President Bush, a conservative Republican. (iii) Democrats are against "tort reform," or the limiting of lawsuits. Obama has put this idea on the table in an effort to get Republicans to address the troubled health care system.

We don’t need one more politician in Washington who doesn’t know the truth from a lie, Romney has shot himself in the foot, again!