Saturday, July 10, 2010

Where is the Humane Society when animals need protecting?

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” Mahatma Gandhi

If this saying is true, we are a nation lacking in moral progress, we lack care about ourselves, let alone our animals. Our food chain, cattle pigs and sheep are tortured as they are slaughtered in order that we can feed on their remains; ghoulish as this may sound it is appropriate. We have no compassion or conscience for ourselves let alone our chain of food, and the animals that we kill that we can be nourished.

Even as the Humane Society has gone international, it still lacks clout to make a difference, and animal abuse and suffering is on the rise world wide.

Whether it’s deer in Utah , wolves in Alaska or dogs in Iraq , or China a country that peddles cat and dog fur, or slaughters these animals for meat. Or Koreans who claim that eating dogs and cats is a cultural right or the several locations in Africa and Latin America who also report eating cats and dogs. We as a people interfere with the natural cycle of life and endanger our own environment. We allow species in some cases to overpopulate by removing the balance nature put in place. Then we answer the dilemma we ourselves created with violence.

In Alaska it was hunting wolves from helicopters, in Utah it’s an open season on deer hunting, and in Iraq is killing dogs with poisoned meat and shooting them almost like a sport. 58,000 stray dogs have been hunted down and killed in Iraq over the past three months with the approval of the US government.

But there is so much more to tell about a civilization that has become so out of touch with nature, in Northern Nevada right now Wild Mustangs are being rounded up and slaughtered with the aid of the BLM( Bureau of Land Management) and BP. They are being shipped off as horse meat, their numbers diminishing to less than 30,000 roaming free on the open range. Why is this happening? Because there is a cattle range war going on that we aren’t even aware of, it’s a remake of the 1880’s cattle sheep herder’s wars, being played out with more than 2,000,000 head of cattle roaming BLM land and there isn’t room for a mere 30,000 wild mustangs! So the mustangs must become extinct.

But add to this insult on reality that BP, remember them, that oil company that single handedly destroyed an entire ocean, BP is developing a pipeline for natural gas across 4 western states, over BLM controlled land including Nevada and Utah, so these majestic animals must go, and no one really cares where, apparently though BLM and BP believe the safest place for these beautiful intelligent animals is a slaughter house. The horses are rounded up and scared to death by helicopters. Many die as they are run for miles to a fenced off area where they are penned in, some are auctioned off; some are heading to a slaughter house.

And not the least important chickens.... they are killed in an inhumane manner .... and in Japan they slaughter dolphins and whales....In the quiet harbor town of Taiji, Japan , between early September and March each year, the fishermen and local community engage in a tradition that goes back centuries, the mass slaughter of up to twenty thousand small whales and dolphins ~intelligent creatures. The majority of the world is unaware this is happening. The cove is blocked off from public access. Press and cameras are not allowed inside and the local media does not cover the event.

The human race has been lost; we aren’t even in a second place. We have become the race of bullies where animals stand, while they are in tune with nature, we are not!

Where is the humane society when animals need protecting?