Wednesday, September 26, 2012

2012 Presidential prediction: Reported by Jack Ferm

This is yet another election where we have no real choice. It lies between the lesser of two evils. On the one hand we have a pseudo liberal, and on the other a flighty conservative, who has taken for his Vice Presidential aspirant, Paul Ryan, a man that insists that privatization of all government programs would be good for the country and JP Morgan too.

Both appear to be ready to throw Medicare and Social Security under the bus, Obama offered to do that last year. This year Ryan has joined the chorus. That would leave seniors, possibly one of the largest voting blocks in the nation, to fend for themself. Yet we stand a very good chance of this happening should either of these two be elected.

The Republican Party today, possibly equivalent to an organized crime ring, or as close to it as one can get, has been taken over by T-party and Born Again fruitcakes; between these two organized miscreants and their voting blocks, passing laws that impede voting by seniors and the poor, and voting machines that are subject to pre-programming. We have witnessed the dramatic failure of a two party system. Its time for a change, its time to scrap both parties and start anew…

Neither party has taken on the challenge of fixing this principal issue to free elections.  This and a media which has for years shown visible disdain for democracy, an entertainment complex we laughingly call the news.

Obamacare was a set up by Roberts in order to give the election to Romney; however Romney is his own fool, he suffers from foot in mouth disease…which caused him to lose the momentum.

Roberts presented to America, that for the first time in “world” history and against the very principles of Democracy and our Constitution, that a Penalty could be laid as a Tax…

A Penalty and a Tax are not one and the same…, each has a different purpose. A penalty is a punishment to dissuade some conduct; a tax is a revenue raising measure to support the functions of government…Roberts knew better, he is no fool!

Obama will win by default, we have No one who we can point to and say, this is another Kennedy or Eisenhower…We were fooled in 2008 when we thought we had…lets not be fooled again!