Friday, August 21, 2009

America, The End of a Modern Empire

America, like all efforts at empire building before us is crumbling under the weight of corruption, a corruption that has swelled from within, effectuated by greed, and by religious zealots, this corruption, buying the favors of our political agenda is taking the form of bribery and a never ending lust for power.

The religious right, responsible for bringing Hitler to power also was responsible for the end to the Germanic empire. Just as the Fundamentalists, the Religious right in America had devastated both the consciousness of the Republican Party, and the moral fiber of this Nation.

The Christian fundamentalist, advocate everything for which this country must be opposed, the likes of Torture, wars of choice, the disenfranchisement of religious thought, and right to question, the antipathy of their children, and the vote rigging to elect their own to office. Each to achieve the perception of greatness, and their illusion of reality, but for the resources of another country, they have initiated wars based on religion, and as their teachings, they too are false prophets!

The leadership of these misguided souls consists of individuals of moral inequalities, the maladjusted with addictive personalities who have infiltrated our military. They in the unguarded moment of our history have laid waste to a whole political spectrum. A philosophy of empiricism experienced of historical insight lacking their intuition. Yet they are followed by millions with transient knowledge and biblical perception. Adherence to a view untenable to intellectual thought.

The Muslim Conquests, the French Wars of Religion, the Crusades, and the Reconquista are frequently cited historical examples, just as historically Iraq, and Afghanistan must appear as a continuation of the early crusades.

The crumbling of the American empire advanced more so by the Media, long ago neutralized, fearful of its own existence, and cowering before the vocal minority, are the most responsible for the failure of this experiment, and for the enslavement of man and of themselves. They were charged with the mandate to protect the republic, but as with each of our elected, their favors were also easily bought.

The collapse of the American empire was inevitable, as with all empires, America must fail and remain a blip on the chart of history. To be recognized yet differentiated from the empires of old, the Rome, Akkad, Sumeria, Babylonia, Ninevah, Assyria, Persia, Macedonia, Greece, Carthage, Mali, Songhai, Mongonl, Tokugawaw, Gupta, Khmer, Hapbsburg, Inca, Aztec, Spanish, Dutch, Ottoman, Austrian, French, British, and Soviet, each in their time, would come to an end.

There are four (4) stages that express the collapse of an empire. We are of the last stage; (i) Environmental Degradation, (ii) Economic Meltdown (iii) Military Overstretch, and (iv) Domestic Dissent

The first leg: Environmental Degradation consists of the destruction of the lands and waters we depend upon for survival.

Accomplished by the following:

Genetically engineered foodstuffs that inhibit the product in the food chain’s ability to regenerate a crop, and includes the destruction of the honey bee, necessary to our survival as a species, and (ii) The pollution of over 75 percent of the earth’s waterways, and (iii) The addition of poison to our drinking waters, “Fluoride” and (iv) the waste of millions of acres of farmland through the use of toxic fertilizer “Monsanto”.

Important ecological indicators are in decline, e.g. the erosion of top-soils and beaches, overfishing, deforestation, pollution of water, soil, air, and food, depletion of oil and minerals reserves, the introduction of new diseases created in the laboratory, and invigoration of old ones, extreme weather, melting icecaps and rising sea-levels, and multiple species extinction.

The second leg: Economic Meltdown consists of allowing our money supply to be controlled by a criminal element, an element that has no concern for the financial stability of the nation, but only for the financial advancement of them-selves, the Banking cartels. Today they control every facet of our existence.

The United States as all empires before us, is dependent on excessive resource exploitation, derived from countries farther and farther away, e.g. the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and South America, the resources have become necessary to feed an insatiable appetite, and are based on not the greed of the consumer, so much as the control of the large corporations. The global corporate world is the producer and America consumer is the consumption unit. This nation is in debt more than 12 Trillion dollars, and that debt is growing rapidly.

The third leg: Military Overstretch. America has and supports a presence of more than 460,000 military personnel in more than 150 acknowledged Countries: That there are others which remain secret is also known.

Iraq- 128,100; Afghanistan-48,200; Africa- 2400; Kenya -42; Egypt- 529; Asia-97,000; South Korea-27,014; Japan-32,803; Philippines-95; Diego Garcia-311; Jakarta Indonesia-27; Singapore-125; Thailand-96; Malaysia-15; Australia-140; Marshall Islands-17; New Zealand-5; Germany-57,080; Souda Bay Greece-386; Italy-9,855; United Kingdom-9,825; Spain-1,286; Norway-81; Sweden-12; Turkey-1,594; Belgium-1,328; Portugal- 826; Netherlands-579; Greece-363; Greenland-126; Qatar-411; Bahrain-1,495; Kuwait-10; Oman-36; United Arab Emirates-96; Antigua-2; Columbia-123; Saint Helena-123; Guantanamo Bay Cuba-932; Ecuador-36; Netherlands Antilles-10; Hawaii-34,838; Guam-2,836; Puerto Rico-137; Alaska-19,408.

The United States within our nation operates 202 bases, the Air Force operates (71), the Army (59), the Marines (15) and the Navy (57).

Globally the footprint expands substantially more: numbering in excess of 106, with many unknown, (30) Overseas Air force Bases; some (30) Army Bases; (31) Marine Bases; and some (15) known Naval Bases. All supported by the US Taxpayer, several are Joint CIA bases of operation.

The final leg; Domestic Dissent; the act of rebellion; We see members of the armed forces in a state of rebellion, so far a known contingency of soldiers numbering in the 100’s are refusing to deploy to either Iraq or Afghanistan, their reason, the wars are of choice and illegal under our constitution. In addition a growing number of soldiers caught up in the drama are committing suicide, a concern and one of alarm for the military.

So far the military is continuing to enlist by means of deception; the other day while having breakfasts in a local restaurant I overheard a 17 year old girl talking about her enlistment in the US Navy, her reason, she liked to snorkel and the Navy said she would be able to snorkel all over the world, her mother was there and approved. No more needs to be said.

Civilian dissent has been observed through the lack of voter interest, only about 25 percent of the population’s eligible voters register or vote. The reason is their disenfranchisement with a system acknowledged to be corrupt.

That we are in the end times is without argument, but the reality is that it is a political and spiritual fall from grace!