Friday, August 7, 2009

US to employ “Private Security Guards” to protect our GI’s in Afghanistan

Subtitled: Those Lunatics Are Still In Washington!

Reading the article that appeared in the Associated Press on July 26, 2009 I am left bewildered and confused.

Is not the US armed services “a force” capable of defending itself?

If the government is now intent to employ mercenaries to protect our GI’s, in Afghanistan -- then what are our GI’s doing in Afghanistan?

Why not bring them home and employ these mercenaries to fight the war, like Britton did, employing mercenaries from Prussia in 1775.

Obama, it becomes clear, must be smoking the same substance used by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, as this is what their demented minds could have and would have conceived.

The U.S. military authorities in Afghanistan plan to hire a private contractor to provide around-the-clock security at dozens of bases and protect vehicle convoys moving throughout the country.

Um, excuse me, but isn’t this why our troops are in Afghanistan in the first place?

The prevalence of thought, the military believes, that as the number of American forces in Afghanistan swell over the next several months, so too does the demand to guard their outposts.

Apparently, those in charge believe, the armed services are not capable or equipped to guard their own outposts!

The Washington Post reported that the Army published a notice July 10, 2009 to inform interested contractors it was contemplating a contract for "theater-wide" armed security. The contract would provide for a variety of security services, to include the static security of compounds on which U.S. and “coalition” forces reside, and for the protection of mission essential convoys in and around forward operating bases located throughout Afghanistan.

If our Armed forces are not capable of defending themselves and their essential convoys, then let’s bring them all home!