Friday, December 4, 2009

Business as Usual?

The man on the Street has had enough of wars and plunder, unemployment and bank rescue, they are mad as hell and may not take much more.

The latest Afghanistan build up approach by Mr. Obama is just doing business as usual, spending money for the Military Industrial Complex, and the Bankers behind it, and the hell with the men and women who are killed and wounded, they are expendable. In short NO change necessary, except for the face of Obama. Everything else is business as usual.

Comments such as:

“I really wanted to be able to trust Obama... but the truth is that our invasion of Afghanistan under W had nothing to do with 9/11. Nothing at all--pure theater. For Obama to cite 9/11 as prime rationale for staying and escalating operations there is truly, to put it mildly, disingenuous. I thought the man was smarter than this and had more respect for us all. Yes we can? How about: no we should not. 'Cmon man what do you take us for?”

“Anyone in the media ( right or left), or anyone holding office who continues to suppress or censure rational/science based discussion addressing the overwhelming evidence that 9/11 was a "false flag" event, is complicit in the deaths of our troops and hundreds of thousands of innocent citizens!! The probability of the government's theory that 19 men with box cutters directed by a guy in a cave CONSPIRED to attack the U.S., is sick and absurd to almost everyone who takes the time to become informed through diligent research starting with . “

“Apparently there is some kind of 40-year long echo in this country - we've heard all this before - well, I'm glad nobody threw away those early Vietnam military buildup political speeches - most of those phrases will be perfect for America's near future if we just substitute "Afghanistan" for "Vietnam" - no other changes will be needed - luckily, we already have all the material we'll need to cover years of debate and political speeches justifying the escalation Obama's choosing today .”

“What I found most disturbing about O's speech last night was the larger rationale he put forward, beyond the 9/11 justification - that of the "American mission" of providing imperial "leadership" for the rest of the world, intertwined with a concern for "credibility". The US military as a force for "nation building" stability in that part of the world? Does anyone truly believe that? At least the man has kept one of his campaign promises-- to escalate the Afghan war. And he's come through on that particular pledge just prior to his trip to Sweden to receive the Nobel Peace Prize! “

These comments and others like them are springing up all over the net. This is a small sampling of the anger and frustration that permeates America. We were duped into electing another George Bush, we were promised change, and we got it, a new face but the same game plan.