Monday, December 14, 2009

Norway Spiral

Project Blue Beam?

A strange spiral appeared in the sky above northern Norway leaves Residents stunned after the light show, which appeared and looked to be computer-generated.

Rumors that Russia tested a rocket over Norway which gave off a spiraling lighted affect appear to be more than just rumors.

Leaving the unanswered question: was it a rocket with the potential to carry multiple nuclear warheads, as proffered by Russia or a test of Russia’s equivalent to America’s Project Blue Beam?

The Blue Beam project is alleged by many to be a NASA Project which has four different steps in order to implement “a new age religion with the antichrist at its head” The basis of this project is the ability, which is real and exists, to project images into the sky, which then appear to be speaking from heaven. This technology has been tested and does really exist. Its true purpose and planned use though is still unknown.

So we offer the following suggestion, if you see and hear someone talking to earth from the sky, be leery and doubtful that it is real.