Sunday, May 9, 2010

Rush Limbaugh, and The Third Gulf War?

Generally I take Rush Limbaugh with strong bourbon, or a dose of anything that will kill the pain.

Unfortunately after the tranquilizer wears off, Rush Limbaugh is still there and I find that he is more than a bad illusion, he is real, and that scares me.

I have found that Idiots evolve from imbeciles, (or is it the other way around) and certainly Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are far ahead of the pack here. And their latest rambling, stresses just how far south of the border their mind has wondered.

The latest triad of thought seems demented but it is also strikingly within the realm of possibility. The neoconservative mind set theorizes a war front, and as a part of this chimera they have conceived that the gulf BP Rig was attacked and was the subject of eco-terrorism from some enemy nation. They even theorize that nation!

Does this make sense, certainly to some conspiracy theorists it does, is this alleged attack a possibility, certainly it is within the realm of prospect.

The theory is not exclusive of Limbaugh and is furthered by web and blog sites such as which contains an article titled "US Orders Media Blackout Over North Korean Torpedoing of Gulf of Mexico Oil Rig"

Does this give credence to Limbaugh and his followers, apparently it does. As for me, I’ll just have “one” more bourbon and sleep Limbaugh off.