Friday, May 28, 2010

While the Banks control Congress, the American people remain the real losers.

“The bold effort the present (central) bank had made to control the government ... are but premonitions of the fate that await the American people should they be deluded into a perpetuation of this institution or the establishment of another like it.” Andrew Jackson

It was 1836, and the central bank had attempted to take control of the Federal government, sensing the power the bank asserted over the nation and the influence its money contained over the destiny of its citizens Jackson vowed to shut the bank. He succeeded!

Now more than170 years later we find ourselves once more embroiled in a struggle against the banking interest over control of the US government and even the destiny of America as a nation. We are failing! And as we fail, we present a new decade of enslavement for not only ourselves but a season of global instability.

It was 1907, and 71 years after Jackson made the nation aware, when JP Morgan set in motion one of the greatest scams America could ever envision, the great panic leading to the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, where Wall Street took control of America.

Until this panic congress had been reluctant to allow the Banks to control the issuance of our money, mainly due to the constituency who at the time understood the real nature of Bankers and mainly held them to a high level of distrust. Morgan and his allies set in motion rumors that created an atmosphere of fright, the rumors were calculated to cause a run on New York’s prominent banks. Morgan then rode to the rescue bringing in some 100, million of Rothschild’s gold to save the day, his white horse made him a stunning figure, and continued his legend as the leading banker of his day.

But it didn’t stop there JP Morgan Jr. attempted the unthinkable, too actually over through the US government. It was 1934 and Morgan led and financed the failed attempt to over through the legitimate presidency of Franklin Roosevelt, though it failed it showed the true character of Americas leading bankers, and showed them as the real villains of American free enterprise, Morgan and his other allies such as chemical industrialist Irénée du Pont, their avowed purpose to form a fascist government.

Now that fight continues at the treasury where some want what Obama and his co-harts don’t, real Bank reform. Let’s face it Congress is completely dominated by Wall Street money and that money means influence amounting to control. Today Money buys loyalty, and there is little money on Main Street to even buy a hot dog. So the loyalty of congress and yes even the president himself goes to Wall Street insiders. Like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs.

Deputy Treasury Secretary Neal Wolin reiterated Thursday that he would like to see the "Volcker rule" included in the bank reform bill now being finalized, and reconciled in congress, the thrust of the “Volcker rule” would separate banking from proprietary trading, a revisit to Glass Steagall. Since the FED under Greenspan and as he was directed by his association with JP Morgan, Glass Steagall was dumped by the FED and later by Congress and Clinton.

Yes to reinstate Glass Steagall would be a beginning, but there is so much more required. And America sadly lacks the stomach for a real fight.