Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Obama takes cronyism to a new level surpassing George W. Bush

In the midst of the worst “depression” since the 1930’s, President Obama, already considered a puppet of big business and discredited as a real president, has used $17,000,000 in stimulus money to create jobs. But not as you would expect!

It appears that the president’s wife has a brother.

The First Lady’s brother just happens to be Craig Robinson, basketball coach at Oregon State University. He is, of course, related to the President by marriage.

Obama’s Undersecretary of Education, Martha Kanter, upon learning of the termination of the President’s brother-in- law, was immediately dispatched by Obama to the University with a check in hand for $17,000,000 to give to the University’s Athletic Director, Bob DeCarolis, so that Robinson could retain his job!.

And, yes, the president’s brother-in -law is still employed.

It all goes to show that stimulus money can save jobs -- but only if you are related to the president!