Monday, August 30, 2010

Ben Bernanke, The Man in the Mirror!

When most of us look in the mirror what we see is the reverse image of our self, but sometimes we even miss that reality.

And this is exactly the problem that Bernanke and the FED are experiencing, the illusion, that he can save the economy by taking the country further into debt. The more money the FED creates becomes a larger burden on us, the US taxpayers.

How much can we undertake while the economy languished on the edge of total collapse?

Psychiatrists agree that our government is actually insane, why? Because the very definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and to expect a different outcome, surely Ben Bernanke and the FED meet this standard.

Through the first quarter of this year, Bernanke printed $1.5 trillion of paper currency and promptly bought $1.5 trillion in mortgage bonds, government agency bonds, and Treasury bonds. Now these bonds are an obligation imposed on the US taxpayers, who by the way are mainly economically indisposed.

But even as the entire effort was a failure, Bernanke is at it again.

If Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke honestly believes what he said at Jackson Hole on Friday — that he can save the economy by printing more money and buying more bonds — he needs to see a psychiatrists, the indication of this attempt to bolster the economy by acquiring more of the banks products, hasn’t stimulated the economy one bit. In fact the opposite has actually occurred, and hiding the true numbers of America’s unemployed is like an ostrich burying its head in the sand. Unemployment doesn’t go away simply because of wishful thinking.

America needs jobs, real jobs to jump start the economy, and the illusion that jobs are being created won’t make the economy stronger. But where will these jobs come from?

One approach is to make it more expensive for companies that are outsourcing American jobs, through higher taxation, this is a real solution! Inflating the economy will have a dire consequence, higher prices and a deeper prolonged depression, that’s right depression!

Lessons were learned from the 1930’s but it takes an intellect to read what the government did to stimulate the economy, and after all what it took in the end hasn’t worked today, it took a world war… today our war efforts haven’t been able to stimulate the economy even though we have become a nation perpetually at war, why, because even our weapons and weaponry are outsourced, it appears even our own government has a greater interest in the world economy, lacking a real insight or concern for its own people!

Bernanke is a man that sees a different image in the mirror, and that image speaks a different language.

It will take a different administration to solve the problems facing America, doing the same thing over and over always results in the same outcome and Obama has yet to understand economics 101, but then, neither has our economist Bernanke.