Thursday, September 2, 2010

Is This The Reason They Want All The Wild Horses Gone?!

Goldman Sachs behind major land grab in Nevada worth billions.

As the BLM removed the wild mustangs from their Northern Nevada Range land, and opened it up to solar energy companies, one that has NO experience in this area, Goldman Sachs, through one of its subsidiaries, grabbed up nearly half the land. Two GS subsidiaries filed 52 claims, obtaining the rights to more than 123,000 acres.

GS subsidiary, Cogentrix Solar Services LLC, which has NO solar experience, has a pending application for 13,440 acres on one site in northern Nevada and a second site claim for 22,400 acres in the same area.

GS holds a total of 10 out of 123 claims, which cover the 123,000 acres, half of the land the BLM plans to lease for solar energy production in the state. GS has not begun any of these projects. However, the BLM leases, although they cannot be sold outright, can be sold with a sale of the company, and that is where the scam is suspected. These claims could potentially be worth billions!

Is this some payback for the SEC fine levied against GS due to their fraud in dealing with their own investors? Or is this another fraud that has even pulled the wool over the eyes of an agency that already appears to be blind?. Stay Tuned!