Friday, September 10, 2010

What we should have learned from 9-11?

Certainly 9-11 was a tragic event, and no doubt will go down in the annuals of history equal to that of Pearl Harbor .

But the times are very different, and the reasons are also very different.

Yet there is some commonality to both. The “facts” submitted by conspiracy theorists, and there are as many as the days of the year, present the same scenario with logic and common sense to both.

With the events of Pearl Harbor, theorists present evidence that the government knew about the pending Japanese attack, and even forced Japan ’s hand by threatening them to give up Manchuria .

They theorize with logic, that this was the only way to unite the American people to go to war!

That was December 7 1941…

Sixty years later September 11, 2001…

The world trade center is attacked allegedly by 12 men from Saudi Arabia , with suspicion, theorist’s question how the passports of four (4) alleged hijackers were found intact Satam al Suqami's passport was found slightly charred in rubble that had been completely reduced to dust.

Two passports were alleged to have been recovered from the crash site of UA93 in Pennsylvania and the fourth from the alleged hijacker on AA11

There is enough facts to warrant suspicion of the governments account.

All in all 9-11 has made American’s aware that their own government can’t be trusted, and if we achieve no other benefit from 9-11 that in itself is an important milestone.

Five (5) years after 9-11 Scripps Howard took a poll of America ’s belief about the attack, more than one third of America believes the Federal government is implicated, either assisting, or aiding in the events.

In support of this theory fingers are pointed to insider knowledge, there was an uncanny amount of money invested in put options placed for United Airlines 4,744 "put" option contracts and 4,516 “put” options for American airlines stocks. Somebody or group knew in advance and acted to reap the benefits.

Setting aside for the moment the potential issues those “found” Passports represent. What have we as a people learned? What could make men so willing to give up their lives for a cause, and what might that cause be?

Tyranny and oppression Reigns so freely around the world, with 1989 presenting a prime example. Tiananmen Square, China .

Tiananmen Square was a stand by an oppressed people seeking democracy, 3000 student protestors were killed by their own countrymen, because they wanted freedom.

And our counterpart, Kent State , May 4, 1970, the Ohio National guard opened fire on peaceful student demonstrators killing 4, and wounding scores. Why because of Vietnam , a war the people didn’t want.

But these are symbols of oppression; the reality is that any oppressed people will act out. The common dream of “all” humanity is freedom. Without freedom, there is only slavery, and in that case, what is a life worth?

When the most powerful, and most influential nation in the world supports governments which are viewed by their own people as tyrants and dictators, America is setting itself up to be a target. And we have done just that.

Unfortunately we seem to have lost the spirit necessary to remain a free and democratic society. And as we have lost the spirit, we have lost the will to remain what we once stood for.

When America supports a regime that is oppressive we give the world the wrong message. If you recall February 21, 1972, with the Chinese economy and very government on the verge of collapse, Nixon makes a seven (7) day visit and supports the communist’s government.

The Hungarian revolution of 1956-57, was also about the dream of freedom.

Yet when we dream of freedom today, it seems to take a back seat to survival, this leaves us with the standing question, are we being used for capitalists as pawns in an elaborate game of world domination, or have we as a nation just been unlucky in those we choose to lead us.