Monday, February 23, 2009

The End of Reality ~ As We Know It!

I have been informed on more than one occasion that the Banks who created the financial meltdown, (due to the fraudulent loans they made), are now living in a sort of never- never land, punishing the victims of their crime, a crime so extensive and extreme that it can only be characterized as a crime against humanity. They want the property, but that aside they want our blood and our ability to survive, first they take the house then evict the owner, leaving some 4.5% of Nevada homes “Vacant”, yes Vacant—and subject to vandalism--yet they force the family pet to a kill shelter, and some families forced to live on the street. First they destroy the family unit then they attempt to destroy the little that is left over. At a very minimum human decency decries- Why not allow these people to stay in the home and rent it back after the foreclosure until the house has been sold?

The banking system has now set limits for those they have victimized. If you are facing foreclosure, there are things you no longer can do, e.g. (1) you can’t qualify for a good job, as you are no longer trust worthy,(2) you can not rent a decent house or apartment, landlords are afraid you won’t pay the rent, (3) your credit cards will most likely be cancelled, and (4) if you attempt to save your home by filing Bankruptcy, you can’t get a bank account, and (5) you can no longer qualify for insurance.

It seems that the people in charge of the banks who earn literally millions of dollars really need a reality check, perhaps if we cut their pay to the level of the working class, like the rest of us, or lay off all in management, they might lose “their” home to foreclosure and a lesson might be learned. That lesson would be what its like to live in the real world.

Banking has always been a corrupt industry a strange environment devoid of common sense, emotion and passion, where the apathetic rule, a land where the emotionally challenged thrive. Bankers have shown that they are nothing more than a legalized scam, protected by government, passionless; and indifferent to the suffering they have unleashed upon society. With this in mind there is a solution, we might consider removing all our money from the banking system, and like the famous walls of Jericho we can watch as the system comes crumbling down.

As the reader can guess I am angry.