Monday, February 16, 2009

Taking Responsibility For Ones Own Actions

I have observed, through my life, that people in general do not take responsibility for their own actions, they expect others to act for them, to stand up for them rather than with them. For example, most religious people will say they are waiting for the Messiah to return and rid the world of evil, a duality created by religion and aided by governments, to control the masses. Good always Verses Evil. There is always evil, as George Bush called the axis of evil, creating and identifying the enemy. A good storyline, but in the real world evil generally wins because good men do nothing!

If evil were present as it is, why wait for an illusion, when reality is in the now, by doing nothing, and waiting for the Messiah to return, we have lost a whole government by default!

Much of what our founding fathers gave us is now gone. The Bill of Rights for example no longer exists in the real world. Attorneys who were outcast in the early colonial part of our history have taken over the courts. The American Bar Association (ABA) has taken over the practice of Law and decides what Law School is acceptable for membership in the Bar. Once a member, the attorney can steal to his hearts content, he can with the approval of the Bar forge documents for his client, lie in court and in pleadings submitted to the court, and they get away with it!

Consequently our legal system is the worst in the world. Federal Judges are given a reward for who they know, or who they slept with, not their knowledge, and they are in office to PROTECT the moneyed class, big business, the Banks, and the chemical companies, e.g. diversity cases. The system is broken because it was designed that way from the beginning. State court judges are generally the least qualified to sit on the bench they often achieve office because they were not able to make a living in private practice. Bribery is rampant as it is in all three branches of government.

While the ABA has taken over the courts and the practice of Law, the American Medical Association (AMA) has taken over the practice of medicine telling us what we can and can not take as a dietary supplement. The role of both the AMA and the ABA is to discourage competition. Least the public find out that attorneys and medical doctors are the enemy of man, not his friend. Yes there are exceptions, and in some cases each is a necessary evil, but that is the exception and not the rule.

I would remind the reader, that the revolutionary war was fought with the support of only 3% of the population, and they made a difference. 97 % had no concern whether we were citizens of the British Crown, just as this same number of people care not that we are citizens of the world and controlled by a one world government, headed by Bankers, who else would be qualified to control the world, just look at what they have achieved over the past 100 plus years.

Recessions and bank runs and failures are the legacy of Wall Street. We as a people have endured so much pain and suffering at the hands of Bankers, our future stolen by their careless acts of plunder. Then when they fail we must rescue them, but, who will rescue us? Who will protect our homes, and our children, and our pensions lost through bad investing, with NO responsibility or accountability the banks go on, restructured and taken over by others until they all fail.

We now find ourselves caught in a struggle, a struggle for the very life we once enjoyed.
We are living under a pseudo democracy a Fascist/Socialist form of government unique to itself in that they are opposites. Does anyone care? Will anyone stand up and say enough? In addition, if you do, will anyone join with you?