Sunday, February 1, 2009

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

I retired in 2003 from a practice in Las Vegas as an Independent Paralegal and gave up my weekly Radio Show. Early in 2008, seeing the turmoil and the suffering of the 80,000 plus people in Las Vegas whose life had been turned upside down by bank foreclosures; I researched the problem, interviewed underwriters and other attorneys, found that the banks themselves had caused the problem and were now removing these people as carelessly as we would put out the garbage. There was a serious lack of concern on the banks part for the trauma they were causing families, the emotional distress, the suicides, the hopelessness they felt and ultimately the divorces and lost generation of children. I was determined to stop the banks and to try to help these people stay in their homes.

The foreclosure epidemic has taken a substantial toll not only on the families and their emotions, and not only on pets and their loss, but on the economy in general. I re-established the U.S.Justice Foundation in approximately August of 2008. My wife and I financed the Foundation with an initial loan of $100,000. I hired 3 attorneys, 3 paralegals, and several typists and intake personnel, our budget was in excess of $100,000 a month, and our mandate was to help anyone who wanted to stay in their home.

The next step was to align myself with a Public Company to raise money sufficient to buy these properties at the foreclosure auction and allow the families to remain in the properties. This has been accomplished and the announcement is anticipated to be made this coming Monday, February 2, 2009.

Since October 2008, I was a regular on television station KVVU Fox 5 Las Vegas on The More Show. As a Consumer Advocate, I was informing the public of the extent of the foreclosure problem, and how that could be stopped. The Attorney General of Nevada and or the Governor could initiate a Foreclosure Moratorium, as was done in the last great Depression of 1933. But they have no interest in stopping the foreclosures, and I would ask why not??

Additionally on January 21, 2009 Bob Massi, a media hound and in my opinion, an unsuccessful local attorney who was the legal analyst for Fox 5 Las Vegas went on The More Show and attacked what appeared to be myself and the Foundation. Immediately thereafter, my appearances on The More Show were cancelled and my commercials were stopped. Hearing about his rant, I viewed the interview and as it appeared to be about the Foundation and me, I gave a demand to Fox 5 and to Massi to retract the false information.

An interesting side note: in approximately 1995, I was a host of a local radio show over a small local station, KRLV in Las Vegas. Bob Massi was a host of a show on a larger station, KKVV Las Vegas, called Law Talk. One Saturday Massi was unable to make the show, I received a call from the shows producer, Rod Douglas, asking if I would fill in for Massi, I agreed. I received more calls that day then Massi had ever received and at the conclusion of the show, I was asked if I wanted to take it over, I did and for the next several years my show was called Law Talk, it was my understanding that Massi had been bumped.

Upon serving Bob Massi with the required “Demand for Retraction”, Massi immediately called me and we discussed his interview. During this phone call, he assured me that this interview was not about the Foundation or me but what he called “copycats.” He assured me that he would do what ever Fox 5 said to do to correct the misinformation. However, Fox 5 has ignored the problem requiring me to sue KVVU Fox 5 Las Vegas, Bob Massi and The More Show for Slander Per Se, and the other claims that are a part of a Defamation Lawsuit, which I am unable to file until after the 20 day Code Requirement for a Demand for Retraction has expired. This demand will expire February 13, 2009.

When I decided to help people being foreclosed upon and to help them take on the banks, I fully expected to be attacked, and I fully expected an attempt to discredit what we are trying to do, so this is not a real surprise. What is a surprise is the stupidity of Bob Massi and the General Manager of Fox 5, Darren Mc Donald.

This makes me wonder whether Fox 5, Darren Mc Donald and Bob Massi were bought by the banking interest, or are just plain stupid.