Saturday, March 28, 2009

Brainwashing and Propaganda Techniques used by the Media and their CIA "Handlers"

Clear cases of propaganda arise when a group uses extensive means to persuade others of some "truth" without any opportunity for opponents to disagree or offer a rebuttal.

Ever since the CIA-OSS Operation “Mockingbird” (officially beginning in the early 1950’s) which began under CIA Director Allen Dulles, the Agency has placed CIA Assets and Stringers in positions of control over ALL Media resources in the United States and many foreign countries. CBS is the most perfect and exposed example where CIA Director from 1976-77 George H. W. Bush, and Frank Carlucci (a CIA hit man) were on the Board of CBS. CBS is further controlled by the Carlyle Group, and shuns all efforts at fairness (the firing of Gen. John Batiste for having an opposing view to the Iraq War.)

The Media uses a brainwashing tactic through Propaganda as follows:

A point is made and re-made repeatedly without changing the substance or allowing another opposing view. This is called Propaganda.

The Media makes a scapegoat for the Propaganda it is offering; e.g. IRAQ and Weapons of Mass Destruction. No credible evidence was actually shown to support this belief. Moreover, no investigative reports were conducted. No opposing view was allowed; those who tried were prevented from doing so; e.g. the firing of General John Baste.

The position (Propaganda) is promoted by a constant repetition, on a regular and recurring basis.

Fear is often raised in the targeted group or the group is made to feel that some person or event has deceived them.

Propaganda is the manipulation of ideas, images, and symbols to persuade a large group of people to think a certain way. The goal of Propaganda is to prevent people from questioning the message or from thinking critically outside the parameters of the message so that the message is considered an unchallengeable truth.

There are various examples of Propaganda throughout the world. However, since Propaganda can be defined in a variety of ways, (according to an individual's ideology and perception of the world) it is easier to start with a hypothetical situation:

Suppose there is a country where a person has ascended to power. That person wants to convince the citizens of that country that they should think, for instance, that there is a group of people that are evil. In order to successfully make people believe that and follow that belief, the leader will come up with a slogan (or slogans) that contain the message he or she would like people to believe. The slogan has to reach all the people in the country, so the leader would use the Media to broadcast the message in a variety of ways. The leader could also use governmental institutions to convey the message, in addition to influencing non-governmental entities to further put out the message. Bush used Propaganda continually with his slogans; e.g. The Axis of Evil!

One example from history of a leader who used Propaganda was Adolf Hitler, who created a government that disseminated Propaganda through movies, art, the radio, newspapers, speeches, schools, youth programs, and other cultural and political outlets.

The reason why Hitler is a useful example of someone who used Propaganda is because his program was formalized, and many people agree that he exemplifies a person who used it "effectively"; there is not much disagreement or debate that he used it at all - it is accepted as fact.

Again the reader should understand: Clear cases of Propaganda arise when a group uses extensive means to persuade others of some "truth" without any opportunity for opponents to disagree or offer a rebuttal.

Certain personality traits of the brainwashing targets can determine the effectiveness of the process. People who commonly experience great self doubt, have a weak sense of identity, and show a tendency toward guilt and absolutism (black-and-white thinking) are more likely to be successfully brainwashed, while a strong sense of identity and self-confidence can make a target more resistant to brainwashing.

We must always be vigilant of the Media and its propensity for Propaganda, and we must require of the Media that opposing views be allowed. This is a fundamental requirement of democracy and the purpose of the First Amendment - a “Free Press”. The Media must be removed from all government control, or exposed for its role as a protagonist of government interests.