Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Eternal Fight for the Truth

More than 2000 years ago, one man threw the moneychangers out of the temple; this struggle has never ended.

If history is to teach us anything at all, it is that the moneychangers, who we now call Banks, control everything, the Media, the Courts, the Government, yes especially the Government. In addition, they are even able to control the emotions and thinking processes of our people, a populace so easily driven to a lynch mob mentality by virtue of the subliminal message they receive, their mind softened to deception.

Ignorance prevails in our society, because we no longer have the independent capacity to think for ourselves. We accept as true what we see on the television screen, the nightly entertainment and melodrama called The News, a fiction unfolding before our very eyes for ratings, a fiction that we dare not challenge, deception in the form of entertainment that we as consumers accept as true.

But, one thing that will not change is the reality that life is a journey, and we are all on the same path, we may take different turns and directions in our life and on our journey, but the end is the same for us all. Yet, though we are all on the same path, we for some reason will not stand together; we are separated and divided by design and the result is we lack the true spirit of survival, we lack the ability to see into the darkness, and find the light so cleverly hidden. We are thus so easily conquered by manipulation.

The enemy is not any smarter than we, perhaps more clever and deceptive, and controlling with the money they steal from us, and protected by those with whom they share our spoils, but definitely not smarter than we. And we, unthinking, are so accepting of our place as the servant of them rather than the master of all.

Television, like the Roman Coliseums, are an opiate to dumb us down, to twist our view of reality, to make those who are the good portrayed as the villain and the villain as the loyal servant for the good of man. The Banks loan to us our own money, for which we so nobly pay tribute. Our fate sealed in a debt we have neither created nor undertaken, we listen so intently and accept as we are deceived, that we have become the servant of them, and not as intended, the master of all.

Make no doubt about what we face, an apocalyptic event is unfolding, the lie becomes the truth and the truth becomes the lie. Yet it is inevitable that we will see into the darkness, and the truth will ultimately prevail.

The deception is that to win we really lose, the mask is removed, and we thus become what we really are!