Monday, March 23, 2009

The Controlled Media and its Role in Government

I have been attacked by the Media because I have dared to take on the most corrupt organization our country protects, the Banking System, whose acknowledged fraud has devastated our economy not just once but many times in our history, as such I find it fitting to expose this system. There is NO free Media. There is NO free and independent Press. The Media, in all of its facets, is well connected to the CIA and under its control. I have just finished a book exposing the connections and I name names, this article is a preview:


Operation Mockingbird, the planned CIA Infiltration of the media brought under the CIA fold ALL media outlets including CBS. This Operation began in the mid 1940’s and to this day the CIA has stringers in control of all media outlets.

Now for the punch line: Who controls CBS, and Colleen McCarty, its Las Vegas Nevada local “investigative” reporter? Ms. McCarty reports the news as she is instructed to report it.

CBS currently has two CIA Stringers on its Board of Directors. They are George Bush Sr., an acknowledged CIA asset going back to 1960 and the head of the CIA from 1976-77, and Frank Carlucci a CIA hit man sent to the Congo to assassinate Patrice Emery Lumumba, the African anti-colonial leader in 1960. The Carlyle Group is also heavily involved, as were the Bin Laden Family.

Westinghouse Electric Corporation, who owns CBS, is one of the main servicers of the U.S. Defense Industry, and closely tied to the US Government and the Government s’ main interests, “the Banks”.

For decades CBS has been accused of slanting the news, for example the famous firing of Gen. John Batiste over his VoteVets ad, was because he dared to come out publicly and criticize our involvement in the IRAQ war against the policy of CBS who supported it. Could it have been because of the CIA assets sitting on the Board of Directors of CBS?

The Carlyle Group and the CIA control CBS. They control and are responsible for overseeing the content expressed in its news. They also are so powerful that they control the direction of the US Government and its war making policy.

CBS lacks any credibility. Their news is propaganda approved first by the CIA.