Saturday, June 13, 2009

Change ? - What Change?

The Obama administration has promised to change the way Washington does business, yet its business as usual on the hill, with NO change in site.

The latest challenge to this fledgling administration is a health care system that covers more Americans, but remains the same. A dichotomy, oh yes! How do you change something and yet keep it the same?

So far the score is Banks (3) US (0), Insurance companies (2) US (0), leaving a question unanswered, when do “we” get to win?

The lobbyist, who can only be characterized as a contamination surrounding our elected officials, run the administration, whose financial support, as this author continues to explain, is the funding process for the campaigns for public office, as long as we have lobbyists, promoting corporate interests, bribing our public figures, we will never have meaningful change in Washington, indeed we will not have meaningful representation in any office under either the united States or any state government.

This administration is very predictable. So far Obama has shown his ability to take a position then dance the fox trot, slightly to the left then to the right then to the center, making a small transition away from the promised change, while maintaining the status quo. Yet the people, the mainstay of the Democratic party, in their imagination, believe he has done something, I question what? Yes there has been legislation passed, but what has been accomplished that is a meaningful variation from the status quo? I suggest nothing!

Regarding the Banks: Obama has now pledged more than 12 Trillion dollars to reward the Banks for committing FRAUD, by which they caused a melt down, not only the finances, but also the edifies of American retirement benefits, and, there were NO strings attached. Meanwhile these same banks that defrauded the American consumers continue to foreclose on American property owners. Forcing some 1,416,902 people into bankruptcy for the year ended December 31, 2008.

The “New” Bankruptcy law enacted under Bush prevents most Americans from discharging Credit Card Debt, a Law prepared by the Banking interests. Under Obama the Credit Card Bill of rights was passed, with NO teeth to make a difference, why? Because this bill was also promoted by the “Lobbyists” and gifts of financial support was promised to our talented legislators. I say talented because “we” elect and pay them to represent our adversary.

The bank support Bills are nothing more than a political SCAM, Obama places in charge of fixing the problem the very people that created it, these same people “Timothy Geithner appointed Secretary of the Treasury, by Obama, with Obama’s knowledge, employs a Wall street Lobbyists, Mark Patterson, as his chief of staff. This duo, Geithner-Patterson, then employ ‘wall street” purveyors to handle the payment requests from the Banks. Meanwhile mortgage Interests rates begin to raise, as fewer people can even qualify for a home loan, because their Jobs are in question, the economy having lost more than 6 Million Jobs since the beginning of last year. Home prices continue to slide, Oil continues to rise as Wall Street bids up the price of Oil Futures, and many of us continue to watch TV, Football, Baseball, and American Idle, oblivious to the reality, living in the luxury of illusion. As our country self destructs under the weight of its own corruption.