Saturday, June 13, 2009

Obama/Hitler Youth Movement

Adolph Hitler’s “Military style” Public Schools are on the rise in the United States thanks to a surprise promoter, Barack Obama, aided by a congress out of touch with the ideals of our founding fathers and the principles of democracy, and state governors hungry for funding.

The Obama/Nazi youth movement was something to be expected from the followers of the Nazi component, the Skull and Bones, the George Bush family, actually began these programs, but it took a Democratic president to further implement the legislation, and a democratic congress willing to sell out the ideals of democracy in favor of a fascist empire. As such, it’s only a matter of time before we can expect Our Empire (The US) to go the way of the Empire of Rome, to collapse under the weight of its own corruption.

The idea of the Hitler Youth created in the 1920's, is now becoming part of the American culture. By 1933 Hitler Youth membership stood at only 100,000. After Hitler came to power, all other youth movements were abolished and as a result the Hitler Youth grew quickly. In 1936, the figure stood at 4 million students, then swelled to more than 8 million. It eventually encompassed both boys and girls.

In 1936 Germany, it became all but compulsory to join the Hitler Youth movement. Youths could avoid doing any active service if they paid their subscription. This became all but impossible after 1939. The Hitler Youth (German: “Hitler-Jugend”) was a paramilitary organization of the Nazi Party. It existed from 1922 to 1945. The Hitler-Jugend was the second oldest “paramilitary” Nazi group, founded one year after its adult counterpart, the Sturmabfeilung.

US 1998, The U.S. Marine Corps begin wooing public school districts across the country, setting up a network of military academies that has grown steadily despite criticism that it's a recruiting ploy.

US 2009, The Marines are currently talking with at least six districts - including in suburban Atlanta, New Orleans and Las Vegas - about opening schools where every student wears a uniform, participates in Junior ROTC and takes military classes.

Those schools would be added to more than a dozen public military academies that have already opened nationwide, a trend that's picking up speed as the U.S. Department of Defense looks for ways to increase the number of units in Junior ROTC, (which stands for Reserve Officers Training Corps) with the intent to increase enlistment in the armed services.

Germany 1940, Artur Axmann as Reichsjugendführer took over leadership of the Hitler Youth. Axmann began to reform the group into an auxiliary force which could perform war duties, including serving among anti-aircraft defense crews and overseeing polish property confiscation. The students wore a paramilitary uniform.

Germany 1943, Nazi leaders began turning the Hitler Youth into a military reserve to draw manpower which had been depleted due to tremendous military losses. The 12 SS-Panzer-Division Hitlerjugend, under the command of SS-Brigadefihrer Fritz Witt, was formed. The Division was a fully equipped Waffen-SS panzer division, with the majority of the enlisted cadre being drawn from Hitler Youth, boys between the ages of sixteen and eighteen.

Germany 1945, As German casualties escalated with the combination of Operation Bagration and the Lvov-Sandomierz Operation in the east, and Operation Cobra in the west, members of the Hitlerjugend were recruited at even younger ages. The Volkssturm was commonly drafting 12-year-old Hitler Youth members into its ranks.

US 2008, The US Congress passed a defense policy bill that included a call for increasing the number of Junior ROTC units across the country from 3,400 to 3,700 (300 additional school units) in the next 11 years, an effort that is estimated low at a cost about $170 million, but in reality as we all know will in all likelihood over run costs exceeding 2 Billion dollars.

US 2009, The remaining military branches, who see the advantage for recruitment purposes, also are aiming to increase their presence in our school.

In DeKalb County Georgia, which includes part of Atlanta, protests by parents and threats of lawsuits began almost as soon as the school board announced last year that it planned to open a Marine Corps high school. The district wanted to open it this fall, but the approval process in Washington has delayed that. The district hungry for approximately 2 Million dollars in government funding, hopes to open the school in the fall of 2010.

Critics like Mike Hearington, a 56-year-old Vietnam War veteran whose son attends Shamrock Middle School in DeKalb County, correctly states “the schools are breeding grounds for the military”. Unfortunately not all Americans are smart enough to see through this ploy!

The reason to expand the military presence in our schools is that traditionally only (3) percent of high school graduates join the military, however between 5 percent and 10 percent of graduating seniors from the nation's public military schools end up enlisting. (Statistics according to the U.S. Department of Education)

The first public military school in the U.S. opened in Richmond, Va., in 1980. (Langley Virginia, is home to the CIA) Since then, about a dozen have been added with the number increasing over the last five years as struggling districts look for innovative ways to meet federal No Child Left Behind standard. The failed program implemented by George Bush and his republican majority in Congress. However, suddenly due to the current state of the economy, military public schools are becoming a welcome innovation for tax strapped city and county governments.

It’s all about the money:
In DeKalb and other Counties across America, the school districts get about $500,000 “a year” per school, plus $1.4 million in startup funds from the Marines, or other branch of the service. The schools initially open with about 150 students (cadets), anticipated to swell eventually to about 650 or more, at this time anticipated to be drawn from a pool of low-performing students who have high test scores and want to attend. This may later change to forced enrollment as the state legislatures strengthen and correct school mandatory attendance laws.

Chicago, the nation's third largest public school district, began opening military academies in 1999 with encouragement from Mayor Richard Daley and then-Superintendent Paul Vallas. Vallas left in 2002 and took the idea with him to Philadelphia, where two military schools have since opened.

Chicago has six public military academies and is the only district with schools representing all four branches of the military.

U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan, who ran the Chicago Public School System, has been tapped by President Barack Obama to run the government counter-part. Duncan sees the schools as another option for kids who don't fit well in a traditional educational setting. The real motive however, when statistics are reviewed, could be the advanced number of enlistees after graduation from these military public schools, the number is significantly higher by almost 7 additional boys and or girls out of every 100 students.

Of the almost 50,000,000 students age 3 to 18 this is only a potential increase of 350,000 enlistees per year. What then is the significance of the government spending this large amount of money? Obviously this is only a step in the ultimate goal, forced attendance and forced service to the United States military in return for the education the government is providing.

The academy is much like a typical high school, except students would wear ROTC uniforms instead of street clothing and start each day with a military formation and inspection. Besides Spanish club and debate team, students can sign up for military drill team and color guard. The school's principal will be a retired Marine, or officer retired from other branches of the military. But what are their teaching credentials other than military service?

School districts in St. Louis, Mo.; Sarasota, Fla.; Kenosha, Wis.; Sandy Hook, N.J.; Charleston Heights, S.C., and Forestville, Md., have also started similar academies with the U.S. Department of Defense.

Test results have not favored these institutions: Students at the public military schools in Chicago have struggled with just 27 percent meeting test standards in 2008 - the most recent data available - compared to the district average of 60 percent and the state average of 74 percent. At Carver Military Academy in Chicago, just 8 percent of students passed muster on state tests.

To further dispel the myth, last year, none of the Chicago military schools made "adequate yearly progress", meaning they fell short of basic standards under the federal No Child Left Behind law.

On the positive note: Between 2007 and 2008 Chicago's military schools have reduced chronic truancy from 24 percent to 8.5 percent and increased the average ACT exam score from 15.8 to 17.3, out of a possible 36, are these positive results for a government program? Absolutely!

The sad note is the deception these government recruiters portray to our children, the fallacy that the armed services are a game, a perpetual game.

Elementary School children are treated to a first look at the US Army’s newest recruiting strategy.

The aggressive new presentation, designed to raise dwindling enlistment numbers and supply enough troops to occupy Iraq (and as planned Iran and a litany of countries) through to the end of 2020, is shown at assemblies in the school’s gymnasium, where Sgt. Cuddles one of many recruiters introduce the children to a portrait of life in the army.

“How many of you like playing on the jungle gym?” asks the Sergeant? A chorus of hands raise, to which he continues, “well what if you could do that all the time. Wouldn’t that be great?”

Sgt. Cuddles, then goes on to explain the fun and games of boot camp, or as he calls it grown-up recess. Students are then introduced to the US Army’s new mascot, a goofy but lovable bullet named Friendly Fire, who helps Sgt. Cuddles demonstrate how bullets like Friendly Fire are needed to kill the bad guys who hate everything, especially children.

“They hate fun, too!” Friendly added, before slipping on a banana peel.

Other highlights of the presentation include a visit from The Evil-Doers. Volunteers from the audience are then given foam bats to help defeat the gang, led by Osama Hussein Ahmadinejad, before they can steal all the fun in the world.

Critics of the new recruitment strategy say it turns the horrors of war into a fun fantasy designed to brainwash defenseless children into enlisting. And that is exactly how this strategy is intended. Can you imagine this mentality teaching our children in a military public school?

Sgt. Cuddles, whose real name is Sgt. Johnson, was quick to dismiss those accusations as gross exaggerations, he states:
“This is simply the US Army’s response to anti-war forces in the liberal media and our education system. They start preaching to these kids at a very young age, and we felt it was only fair to the kids to show them the other side as well.”

“We’re trying to show kids what the Army is really like. It’s not all fancy lasers and cool explosions.., that’s only the ‘Explosions are Cool’ part of the presentation, which we believe is an essential part of the Army experience.”

Yet the armed services in their attempt to sell enlistment to our children use deceptive fantasy imagery, and conceal the real horrors of war, the potential for death and dismemberment, the governments inability to honor agreements, and for women the real potential for rape.

It’s an obligation of every citizen of the US to take a stand against this obfuscation, and to maintain a separation between the federal government and the right of the states to educate its children. This means to be honest and open about military service, and the lack of government care or concern for veterans wounded in action and the permissible rape of women in the service. Granted our education system is lacking, however, military schools are not the answer, as the recent test scores show, the government, by establishing a movement that will only advance, is merely setting the pace for future war and political involvements ad infinitum. Something we as a people can not allow or endure.

We can surely expect the CIA to develop a similar school program in the near future, using coerced learning techniques through torture, perhaps by splitting the mind of children into multiple personalities, they will be able to learn much more, and much faster, perhaps the CIA will develop for this purpose an offshoot of MKULTRA which has never truly died.