Monday, June 22, 2009

The shill in the White House

Obama coerces Democratic congressmen, by executive intimidation, his threats to vote for war funding as he directs or he will withhold support for their re-election. But Obama does not intimidation for Health Care, because Big Business doesn’t want single payer health care and the military complex wants the wars to continue.

Its time to call a spade a spade: no pun intended.

Obama as it turns out is a Shill for the military complex, wall street, and big business, yes we are seeing change in Washington, unfortunately it’s not for the better, but it is change as Obama promised!

Obama, the Bankers Shill upped the anti to the banks to 14 Trillion, allowing the banks to use “our” money to invest in the Stock Market, oil and commodity futures, as such they have run the prices of gas at the pump up to nearly $3.00 a gallon and still climbing. The banks were enabled to use the profit generated from taxpayer bailout money to repay the government funding plus interest. It was a two play effort, the first part, we loaned the banks 14 Trillion dollars then we pay off the bank debt through the increased prices of oil at the pump. What a sweet deal, where can I get some of this money to invest in oil futures?

Honestly did anyone really believe Obama was a free agent, and would bring real change to Washington?

No one gets that far without being a puppet. In fact No one gets elected to any meaningful office without owing someone some ware something, and especially not the President of the US.

Here are ten examples, so far, of Obama backtracking on his promised change in the way Washington does business:
(1) He is following Bush's Wall Street Bailout policy giving trillions with no Strings attached, no accountability and no transparency.
(2) Following Bush's Iraq serge policy and Iraqi forced pull out schedule.
(3) Will not investigate or prosecute Bush and his administration for torture or deception regarding the Iraq War.
(4) Said he wants to close Guantanamo, but is not.
(5) He will run tribunals at Guantanamo rather than fair trials in than US.
(6) He will indefinitely hold some Guantanamo prisoners without due process (no Habeas Corpus).
(7) He will not end "Don't Ask Don't Tell.”
(8) His Department of Justice filed a brief defending the Defensive Marriage Act using the same nonsensical reasons.
(9) He will not release Abu Ghraib prison pictures of torture and rape.
(10) White House will not release a list of visitors since Obama took office under the Freedom of Information Act.

Why Not?

Could it be that his masters have been frequent guests?

Transparency, what is that?

Obama is under the same control that ran the White House under Bush, nothing is going to change in Washington until WE, you and I have enough.

Consequently, its past time for real change, we are the ones that put Obama and the democrats in power. Many put their faith back into a system that hasn’t worked in decades, its time in America for free elections, its time our interests were represented and not those of every big business which hands out political bribes. Its time we realized our media is controlled and is actually an agent of government. Its time we realized that the two party system is a fraud, two parties, one idea, one motive, controlled by the same puppeteer, in short its time to stop believing in the fairy tale government.

It is also past time to WAKE UP and realize that this false left/right paradigm is a diversion, to keep us out of focus, from seeing the real problem and taking divisive action: The Financial sector, the bankers, war profiteers, mainstream media, the Intelligence Community and their Drugs and sales of sex slave children for profit, a corrupt broken system operating because we have done nothing to stop them.

For those who still believe in Obama, just continue watching your football, basketball, baseball and American Idol, till you wake up homeless on the continent your forefathers gave you, and be thankful, if the banks will allow you to rent it back.

Iraq and Afghanistan, the only way we are going to end these wars is the way they were ended in the 60’s: mass movements in the streets, public opinion and an army that refused to fight. The latter being the most important part. We are beginning to see these examples even now, AWOL tribunals where more than 11,000 British military personal and more than 11,000 U.S. military personnel have deserted since 2003.

What can we do?

The obvious, start here:
(1) stop donating to any political party, they don’t need our money anyway, the Banks, insurance Companies and Defense contractors give them enough in bribe money,
(2) vote everyone out of office, no incumbents for office, ever, and finally,
(3) demonstrate for change, like the Iranians, they understand when 20 or 30 million Americans take to the streets in protest.

Remember, Cockroaches hide during the day, put them in the spot light for as long as we still have that right. When that right is taken from us, consider carefully then all options!