Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Health Care Bill, Why Are So Many Against It?

Look around and you see and hear so many voices that are outraged over “passage” of this House bill.


Because the nature of human society now at its lowest level is rearing its ugly head in opposition, but in a demeaning manner, with sneers, and snickers, and prejudices.

What have we done?

In the manner of our dissent, America has shown the world our true nature. We are not the intellectual society we had believed we were. In fact we aren’t even adults.

The Bill has Obvious Problems

I would be the first to agree that this bill isn’t the greatest, it is lopsidedly in favor or the insurance companies, and parts are definitely unconstitutional, but as of now 38 Attorneys General appear ready to challenge the Bill and their likelihood of prevailing in litigation seems all but given.

I am still at a loss as to why America appears to oppose health care!

Health Care, like the right to earn a livelihood, to marry, and to have and raise children, these are basic Human Rights! Yet we accept most but not all!

And what is really interesting, those who need health care are the very ones who have seemingly been brainwashed by the Republican propaganda machine to oppose it.

Yes that part of the bill requiring all Americans to carry insurance or face a fine is unconstitutional, as the AG’s lawsuit properly addresses.

Congress’s authority stems from the interstate commerce clause, and unless somewhere else in the constitution or its Amendments there is authority given or granted Congress, it is powerless to act.

A prime example is Congress ability to tax, before the passage of the 16Th Amendment, Congress was required to tax the states not to directly tax the people

The Sixteenth Amendment to the US Constitution allows Congress now to levy an income tax without apportioning it among the states.

The Supreme Court to Rule on this Legislation

No doubt if we have a legitimate Supreme Court, (which question haunts us), that part will be struck from the bill.

Unfortunately, however our Supreme Court is made up of Lawyers, who as a group, their honesty and integrity have been called into question on more than one occasion. And their sphere of knowledge is just as inventive as their imagination. However assuming even a marginal intelligence pervades this august body, logic may well prevail.

Every civilized nation provides this basic human right to its citizens, why is it that we have sought this right for ourselves for over 100 years, and even today with a bill partially passed, and though not the best it could be, we are antagonists of ourselves.