Thursday, March 25, 2010

Threats against Members of Congress Mount over Health Care Vote

America is taking its frustrations to heart, attacking at least four Democratic offices in New York, Arizona and Kansas while at least 10 members of Congress have reported some sort of threats, including obscenity-laced phone messages.

Both sides of the American landscape are involved in this Republican generated, exaggerated and overblown debate, which has been exacerbated by FOX news semi conscience semi anchor Glenn Beck, and the Tea Party whose leaders have a track record of deception, including the infamous Edwin Meese III, the former Attorney General under Ronald Reagan who was forced to resign over several inappropriate acts.

Amazingly the people haven’t taken to the streets over the corruption emanating from congress and the white house over the Lobbying efforts of the Banks and the insurance companies, which created an atmosphere of crisis, a situation from which America has now become another financially devastated nation.

But for some reason the health care bill has evoked extreme emotions and deep rooted feelings all across America. As reports from both Democrats and Republicans are increasing, partly to blame is Sarah Palin.

Gun imagery was used in a posting on the Facebook page of Sarah Palin urging people to organize against 20 House Democrats who voted for the health care bill and whose districts went for the John McCain-Palin ticket two years ago. Palin's post featured a U.S. map with circles and cross hairs over the 20 districts.

Of course McCain defended Palin, saying it was commonplace practice and "part of the lexicon" to refer to "targeted" congressional districts.

If America is going to riot, it should be over a real not a perceived issue. Health Care is without doubt a payback for Big Insurance companies, but America needs a real solution to our insurance dilemma, unfortunately this administration is committed to big business.

In today's financial world borrowing and lending billions of dollars is standard practice. When the lenders become fearful that a lot of that debt can't be repaid, they stop lending. Commercial paper, the main instruments through which businesses finance their daily operations, becomes suspect. This explains why the Federal Reserve Bank, the European Central Bank, and other national banks stepped in to pump money into the financial markets.

Those actions have at least temporarily averted a much more defined crisis, but, there could be a good deal more trouble in store for the insurance industry, who insured loans against default, so how do we avert such a looming and pending environment, we structure a scheme where the insurance industry has a hidden bailout.

Americas may not stand idly by and accept another massive bailout, financially we can’t! So government created an illusion and called it health care!