Sunday, March 21, 2010

War is America’s greatest export

We have been at war almost every year since the founding of the republic. War has become our way of life, viewed in its greatest light from movies, to video games to the ROTC it is never out of our range of vision

But most of these wars have been illegal, like Korea - Vietnam - Cambodia - Granada - Panama - Kosovo - Afghanistan - and twice with Iraq, yet there were many more, the side excursions and support operations in a dozen other places around the globe.

American presidents have declared war in each instance or declared a “Police Action” where America service personnel have been deployed to foreign places without congresses participation, yet to declare war is a function of congress and any attempt to pass that responsibility to the president is an act considered to be ultra vires, yet our people continue to go where they are sent and to die there! We ask for what cause?

Did we protect our freedom by invading Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Granada, Panama, Kosovo, Afghanistan, or Iraq? Or was there some ulterior motive for our wars of choice?

Like resources?

War has always been our way of life. War is our culture. War is our industry and our chief export. And as long as Americans are willing to fight and die for causes they don’t understand it will remain our heritage.

War simply, is about everything and yet about nothing, it is the essence of historical fabrication. War has always lacked honesty and integrity! War requires propaganda to incite the population, and that means that the Media Must be controlled!

War is for the large corporations who profit from our death, the banks that finance this travesty, and unconscionably for oil and drugs, the resource that draws us in.

War is a travesty that we force upon nation. It is a mockery of modern civilizations. War promotes no just end but brings suffering and spreads violence, because for every one America kills dozens will spring forth to revenge them, and so we are perpetually fighting a cause that we as a nation are too ignorant to understand. Violence will always be met with violence. Just as intellect will be met with speech!

Perhaps the way to peace is to have the leaders of the country’s embittered to stand against each other and spare the populations a needless letting of their blood. Perhaps, just perhaps, we as a people will see through this charade and say, we have had enough, NO more!