Friday, April 30, 2010

Economic Activity

All indications are that the recession is alive and well, but unfortunately the economy of 49 states and the US isn’t!

While Wall Street, which America now views, in a real life tragedy, as their nemeses, appears to have recovered from their implicit collapse, America is still wallowing in a quagmire of deception.

If we look beyond the plethora of media hyperbole, and go to the source, we find that based on February 2010 economic indicators provided by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia , which appears to be very reliable. 49 out of the 50 U.S. states are still showing less economic activity than a year ago, That means in short and plain language, that there is “NO” recovery occurring. The Economy is in fact getting worse!

The only state to show an increase of economic activity was North Dakota which with its vestige of a population stands at 633,837. Its February 2010 economic activity was 1.1% higher than February 2009, yet North Dakota is not a prime example of economic growth.

On the plateau cattle graze, and large ranges are an economic necessity. In the northwestern area of the state oil was discovered in 1951, and petroleum is now North Dakota's leading mineral product, ahead of sand and gravel, lime, and salt. There are also natural-gas fields. Underlying the western counties are lignite reserves; close to the lignite beds are deposits of clay of such varied types that they serve as both construction and pottery materials.

Despite mineral production and some manufacturing, agriculture continues to be North Dakota 's principal pursuit, and the processing of grain, meat, and dairy products is vital. North Dakota also has casinos on the Native American Reservations, and their take is still above $577 million annually. In short a small population and a lot of items of value.

The report also states that 28 out of the 50 states exhibited less economic activity in February 2010 than just three months earlier. This means they are still hemorrhaging jobs, and financial resources.

Economic activity is the production and distribution of goods and services. Economic Activity is also correlated with Employment. If unemployment increases than the demand for goods and services decrease, however, if it decreases than on the other hand we have a higher demand for goods and services. This also benefits the triad nations as international business increases between members ( USA , EU & JAPAN).

But the evidence shows that we are still in the midst of a deep and still spiraling recession that has the appearance of getting even worse before it gets any better.

Real economic activity can’t improve without putting America back to work, and we have a long way before that will happen. Estimates are that it may take a decade or two if ever.