Friday, April 9, 2010

It’s time to look in the mirror and witness what we have become

The moment of truth has arrived from a perspective we would never have imagined, an Apache helicopter over Iraq. Recent revelations in the form of Video footage, provides a dismal and stark reality of what America now stands for, we kill the innocent without provocation, children, women, and even news reporters, and there appears to be no one big enough or strong enough or with the resolve to stand against us. So we march to ourselves in a melodrama of our own creation.

We have become a nation insensitive to death and killing, whether hunting deer, or wolves, from a helicopter and now humans! This has become the reality of war and a blemish on the soul of humankind.

In July 2007 soldiers aboard an Apache helicopter shot and killed 12 people, among the dead were two reporters from Reuters News Agency and two children. They were no threat! But this was not uncommon. Reports of random killings of civilians are boundless, and had almost risen to a level of sport.

It was an unprovoked slaughter!

It was a defining moment for us, and we failed that test. On Monday, April 5, posted video of this haunting footage from Iraq. The footage has been authenticated by our own Military

War is not a game; it is also not a time for the opportunistic slaughter of the innocents. Surely we are responsible for crimes that are equated to those against humanity, and surely we must answer to them before some forum.

Iraq was a war of choice, and based on the grandest of frauds we have bought a nation by design.