Thursday, April 1, 2010

Obama and the Titanic

The current administration has hit an ice berg and placed Middle Class America in the steerage section of the Titanic

For most of America it feels like April 15, 1912, that’s the date the Titanic hit an ice berg in the Atlantic and within hours went down taking 1,517 people with it. But this time an entire nation could go down and when America sinks it will take practically the entire world with it. The question is no longer if, but when.

Regardless of the lucidity of the administration’s propaganda, we as a nation have been struck by an ice berg and we are sinking, audibly drowning in an abyss of debt.

While the Obama administration helped the large banks step into the life boats, our citizens were relegated to the lower lever steerage where lifeboats were not available.

Yes the banks have rebounded, and yes they will continue financing their cluster of relationships, rewarding those who have allowed the impenitent greed that surrounds Wall Street to go on, even while Middle Class America struggles to hold onto the remnants of a broken ship’s bowl.

We are told that everything is rosy and America is moving ahead, yet the unemployment figures (11 million unemployed) don’t reflect those sentiments. Neither does the current bankruptcy filings (6,000 a day).

The current US Debt is a staggering 12 .6 trillion and growing, at the rate of $4.02 billion per day

Inflation and depreciation of our currency is an inevitable as the looming debt crisis, even as the stock market is overvalued and an adjustment is also eminent.

It’s time to put on the life jacket!