Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How do we get America moving again?

17.3 million Americans need jobs.

Vacant storefronts abandoned and often shuttered homes and schools tell the story of the economy in real life 3rd dimension.

Wherever we go from one coast to another, this is the reality for many towns and cities across America , a nation no longer reminiscent of its better days, a nation of shrinking tax rolls and migration.

For many and for generations yet to come, there will be a different face peering out from the murky windows, staring as in a translucent state of amnesia

We as a nation have been in a decline since the 1980’s but is was so gradual a decline that we didn’t notice until the fan turned brown from our splattered remnants.

And now that we see the picture that has so assiduously unfolded, how do we as a people get out from under this elegantly conceived effrontery to not only us, but to a lifestyle that made us a great people?

Yes America was forced to transition, to pick up roots planted while the nation appeared to be on a forward momentum, but that roll wasn’t a boom and prosper roll, at least not for us.

We were used, we had become, somehow in the darkness and shadows, the mere pawns of those who consider themselves the elite of our society, and we as a people now at the hands of a government that has joined in league with them, have found ourselves without recourse to recover the government we had believed was ours.

Instead we find ourselves at the mercy of a street in New York , where the enterprises of capitalism have abandoned American principles and churned from democracies ashes a new form of governance, and it is not one with our assent.

However, there is something that remains more pressing to our society; can we yet emerge from this creative captivity unscathed?

In common parlance, what America needs is jobs, and there is one concept that may work, a return to a form of isolationism, but in trade only.

It is suggested that for America to recover, drastic measures are required, and are offered for consideration in this article:

First; no imports would be allowed unless we as a society require them, as such oil would be allowed, while all manufactured items would not. Whether it would be autos or clothing or appliances, they would be disallowed.

Second; our large corporations will be required to open plants in America and to hire Americans or their products would be denied sales in the US .

Third; these multinational corporations would be taxed 90 percent on all goods manufactured and sold abroad, giving them incentive to reverse the trend begun under the Reagan/Bush administration which promoted the exit of jobs and businesses in America in favor of a service oriented society.

And finally: there will be no additional bailouts for the financial sector, if they lose our money again they will like any other criminal be dealt with in a similar fashion.