Thursday, April 15, 2010

An illusion of recovery, is still an illusion

The illusion of recovery has stimulated a false sense of confidence in a segment of our society, that group of us who renounce common sense in favor of mob rule. They are being led to the slaughter just as surely as cattle, and they just as often don’t realize it.

The stock market is out of whack with earnings and real value, it is being played with a hope and prayer, and as such, it is primed to take down thousands of small investors when those minions on Wall Street, who control it, reverse their play and begin to short sell.

The market is a bubble set to implode just as surely as the real estate bubble imploded only a short while ago.

Yes consumers are spending, but it is only a temporary binge, 7.8 million Americans have stopped making their mortgage payments in lieu of buying what they have foregone over the past two years. They will inevitably stop.

There will be NO real recovery until Americans find work, and that is not expected for at least a generation, yet to be born.

The stock market has become a remnant of a past time in America when fortunes were made, it is now a relic of an era that no longer exists, except in hope and prayers of those who have no connection and remain on the outside looking in.